Translation & Interpretation students participate in EU terminology project

In May 2015 a new collaboration began between the Master of Arts in Translation & Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting and the Terminology Coordination Unit – TermCord of the European Parliament.

Students of both graduate programs are participating in TermCood's terminology project to enrich IATE's database (InterActive Terminology for Europe). IATE's database has been operational since 2004, containing more than 8,7 million terms that have been submitted by various bodies such as the European and Parliament and the European Central Bank. It is managed and coordinated by TermCoord providing the guidelines for translators and trainees on terminology issues.

TermCoord collaborates with universities that teach Terminology courses as part of their Bachelor and Master programs on terminology research projects for IATE. Hellenic American University met all the criteria for collabotrating on the project and is now actively participating in the program for the academic year 2014-15.

Specifically, our students conduct terminology research under their professors' supervision. Afterwards, this newly created termbase is submitted to TermCoord where the terms are evaluated and are, finally, inserted into IATE's database. For their part to this important EU project, the students of the Master of Arts in Translation & Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting will receive a certificate for their contribution while at the same gaining hands-on experience in terminology work.

Upon completion of the research project and until the final incorporation of terms in IATE's database, our students will have the opportunity to view their glossary of terms on TermCoord's website, under the Blossaries section, where the names of Hellenic American University and our students will be visible.
Congratulations and best of luck in this new endeavor!

Dr. Themis Kaniklidou
Academic Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Translation

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