Hassan, Hesham

Hesham M. Hassan holds a Ph.D. and a M.A. in Byzantine Philology from the University of Athens and B.A.in Classical Philology from the University of Cairo. In 2000 he established the Arabic Language Teaching Center at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Egypt in Athens, and in 2004 he was appointed director of the Teaching Center. In 2006 he helped found the Arabic-Greek Translation Program at the Hellenic American Union, the first program in Greece that introduces students not only to language skills, but focuses mostly on the techniques of the written language. Since 2009 he teaches Arabic Language at the Hellenic American University in Athens and in 2012 he started teaching Arabic in College Year in Athens (CYA). He is a reviewer in the journal “Byzantina Symmeikta” which is published by the Hellenic National Research Center. Among his recent publications are “The Influences of Ancient Greek Drama on Modern Egyptian Theatre,” in Staging of Classical Drama around 2000, eds. Sipova N. P. and Sarkissian A., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, U.K. 2007; “The Swine in Arabic Literature,” Scientific Annals of the School of Philosophy, University of Athens 39 (2007/2008) [in Greek]; and “YusifIdris: Two Short Stories ‘The Journey’ & ‘The Swallow and the Cable,’” Journal of Oriental and African Studies 17 (2008). 

Research Interests

AraboByzantine relations, translation, and teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

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