Katsaounou, Marianna

Marianna Katsaounou holds a BA from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Equivalence from Athens University, English Department, and a MATEFL from St. Michael’s College, Vermont, USA. She has presented in TESOL, published in various educational publications, such as ECCE, ALCE, ECPE, Hellenic American Union Practice Test Books, and written articles in ELT news and the TESOL Newsletter. She has been working at the Hellenic American Union since 1978 as an EFL instructor in the English Language Program. She is also involved in training methodology students, examining candidates for ECCE, ALCE, ECPE, BCCE, developing teacher training material for CALL, developing CALL material to supplement Course Books for EFL classes, developing material for the ECCE Essay Contest, giving seminars to teachers, conducting training seminars for and observing examiners, participating in research work, and a member of the testing team, as well as producing material and designing seminars for school owners. At Hellenic American University she teaches courses in Methodology in the undergraduate BAELL Program.

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