Fragkiadaki Eva

Dr. Eva Fragkiadaki is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Psychology Division at Hellenic American University. She completed her Professional Doctorate Degree in Counselling Psychology at City University, London. While training as a Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in National Health Service settings, she worked as Project Coordinator in therapeutic communities for people with mental health issues. She has been the founder of “Psychonoisi” Psychotherapy and Counseling Center in Heraklion, Crete, and her work involved both long and short-term therapy with a variety of clinical cases. Dr. Fragkiadaki is a clinical trainer and supervisor. She has a rich teaching experience in diverse university settings such as University of Crete and Technological Educational Institute of Crete where she has taught diverse courses in the fields of Psychology and Counseling. Her scholarly interests range from psychotherapy process research to professional and personal development and meaning-making through stories. As a qualitative researcher, she has worked on various projects collaborating with academics from universities in Greece, the UK and the Netherlands. She has published numerous empirical and methodological papers both nationally and internationally.

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