International Students Summer CPT Placements

Edla Priyadharshini - MBA student

Edla Priyadharshini (MBA ’23) is one of five MBA students doing a practicum this summer in the framework of the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program. Edla is working under TechAlpha LLC for Delta Airlines.

The CPT is a formal internship, cooperative education, or other type of required placement or practicum that sponsoring employers offer through a cooperative agreement with the student’s university. The practicum is a component for students in the STEM-focused MBA program with a specialization in Management Information Systems.

Edla reports that her particular CPT is focused on learning new technologies and interacting with the senior development team of business analysts, SCRUM masters, and application developers. She says she see direct connections between what she studied in her degree program and her practicum: “The CPT has helped me gain real-time experience of concepts and technologies I’ve been learning during my MBA program. I’ve found the courses I took in Functional Skills Integration, HR Management and Strategy, and IT Management and Strategy very helpful in my practicum now.” In turn, she adds, “my experience now will help in my upcoming course on Systems Analysis and Design and certainly for my capstone project.”

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