Letter from the Dean and Executive Director of the Nashua Campus

Marieke Martin, Dean and Executive Director of the Nashua Campus

Welcome to the Hellenic American University website.

A degree experience at the Nashua campus of Hellenic American University is more than just the specific program knowledge; it's an exercise in nurturing your professional development, honing your leadership skills, and broadening your ability to grow and adapt regardless of your career background. I believe that the value to you of an investment in our graduate education program comes from its quality, its affordable cost, and Hellenic American University’s commitment to quality faculty.

Here at HAU, we strive to be more than just a facilitator; we strive to keep contact and maintain a level of connectivity and support between our faculty, our staff and our students to allow them to excel.

Because Hellenic American University has two campuses—one in Athens, Greece, and another in Nashua, NH, where the University is chartered—there is an international flavor and study component unique to us. That unique arrangement creates a thriving, connected international community of students, faculty, and staff made possible by the ever-growing possibilities of new technologies.

With that in mind, to meet the needs of this ever-changing environment, our expectations for students are just as high. To gain the most benefit from a graduate education, a student needs to also make a personal investment in that process by developing and maintain hard-work ethics, remaining focused and recognizing the value of learning. This is especially critical in today's fast-changing environments.

Marieke Martin
Dean and Executive Director of the Nashua Campus

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