Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Undergraduate student at our Athens campus

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPsy) program uses an engaging and integrated combination of theory, experimental application and practice to help students acquire a fundamental knowledge of psychology as a social and natural science. At the same time, they develop research skills, critical thinking and communication skills that are part of the portfolio of qualifications of today’s well-rounded, versatile psychology professional.


About the Program

The Hellenic American University program in Psychology is revised to keep current with emerging developments in the field. Students have the opportunity to work closely with psychology faculty members on field placements and research projects.

Strengths of the Undergraduate Psychology Program

Students in the BSPSY program benefit from:

  • Extensive integration of psychological theory and research methods.
  • Opportunity for hands-on practical experience at various community internship sites, under close supervision.
  • Wide spectrum of electives, including Forensic Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Neuropsychology, Psychology of Addictions, and School Psychology and Learning Disabilities.
  • Cognitive behavioral program orientation, with the exploration of other approaches to psychotherapy and counseling.
  • The Senior Capstone project, in which students design, conduct, analyze and write up an original research project.
  • Faculty mentoring and personal support for your academic and professional development.
  • Career counseling and opportunities for networking through our Career Development Office during and after your studies.

Degree Requirements

Students complete a total of 123 credits to earn the Bachelor of Science in Psychology: 40 credit hours (13 courses) in general education, 18 credit hours (6 courses) in free electives (or a minor) and 65 credit hours (21 courses) in psychology, together and the Capstone Project. Full-time students may complete the program in 8 semesters, while part-time students will need between 5 to 8 years to complete their degree, depending on the number of courses taken each semester.

For a detailed view of the program and course descriptions, see the course catalog for the B.S. in Psychology.

Research & Professional Development

The Bachelor of Psychology program provides a well-rounded education in which students not only acquire professional skills, but also develop character, self-awareness, intellectual breadth, and social skills. They acquire the credentials to continue studies at the graduate level, and the skills and competencies needed for entry level positions in the human services and mental health fields.

Upon completing the program students will have:

  • An understanding of behavior and mental processes that provides insight into their own and others’ behavior.
  • The ability to apply psychological theories and research findings to problems in everyday life.
  • An enhanced ability to interact effectively and sensitively with people from diverse backgrounds and cultural perspectives.
  • Exposure to the applications of psychology through the faculty supervised internship practicum.
  • Strong critical and quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English.
Research and Practical Experience

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology offers students opportunities to participate in ongoing faculty-student research projects in the form of experiments or survey research studies in various fields of interest such as mental health, social conformity, volunteerism, smoking cessation.

Students may also obtain hands-on practical experience at various community internship sites under close supervision.

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