Drug Manufacturing and Sales Certificate

Pharmaceutical sales are an increasingly competitive and highly regulated field. Sales professionals need specialized skills and in-depth knowledge of the industry to establish their credibility and gain access to stakeholders, identify sales opportunities, and develop effective contacts that grow business.

Designed for graduate students and working professionals, the Drug Manufacturing and Sales Certificate is a self-paced online program that equips you with this key knowledge. It brings together industry experts to teach you the fundamentals of drug product development, manufacturing, and marketing.

The drug manufacturing certificate is an asynchronous eLearning program. You work at your own pace and at the times that are convenient for you.

Certificate courses

You will take four courses to earn the certificate:

  1. Introduction to Drug Manufacturing provides an overview of the history and current landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing. You will learn about different stages in the manufacturing process as well as the regulatory framework in which it is set.  
  2. Drug Discovery examines the processes by which drugs are discovered, from research & development and the various phases of clinical trials to regulatory approval and final launch.  
  3. Drug Marketing and Sales looks at strategies used to market pharmaceuticals and the regulations governing their promotion. You will also gain insight into sales opportunities in the pharma market and the success factors for leveraging them.
  4. Drug Pharma Workshop offers you the chance to apply what you have learned in the previous courses to solving real-life issues and problems at various stages in pharma sales.

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