Global, Environmental and Sustainability Topics

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Developing the global citizen focuses on the themes of intercultural competence, social & personal responsibility, integrated learning from global, cultural, historical and political perspectives. From local to global, students will review and discuss issues of diversity, civic and democratic engagement, cyber-citizenship, corporate social responsibility, and intercultural communication. This includes gaining understanding of asymmetrical globalization and unequal power relations, promoting engagement in global issues, and an ethical relationship to difference. As with the “butterfly effect,” what one chooses to do individually affects the larger society towards growth and positive change. Using an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach the course outcomes aim to enhance students’ self-awareness as global citizens while working towards attainment of the university’s mission. Prerequisites: None Credits: 3
Focuses on basic and current understandings of environmental problems and ecological principles the foundation of a living planet. Students become aware of the impact of past and present management decisions on the state of our environment, as well as the ecological requirements for a sustainable society. The course reviews a range of options for businesses, starting from minimal compliance with environmental regulations to the uses of innovative designs in providing a comparative advantage. Prerequisites: GE105 Credits: 3
This course is designed to provide a practical overview to the management of environmental issues as practiced in today’s business world, and how these issues are likely to develop in the future. Environmental Management and Sustainability provides the basic foundations to those pursuing careers in private business, environmental consulting or government. Prerequisites: GE105, GE106 Credits: 3
Examines the support of regional economies through innovation in business development in order to advance social and ecological values in local communities. This course provides basic knowledge on several aspects of sustainable community development including examination of community needs, financial planning, and marketing and management issues, while emphasizing the consolidation of public and private interests. Students will engage in applied research on a real project. Prerequisites: GE105, GE106 Credits: 3
International Service learning is a course that helps students gain a deeper understanding community work through hands-on service-learning projects. It The course examines communities that aim to transition towards sustainability. Students will be exposed to the real-life challenges that these communities face in this process and will take part in relevant projects where they will have the opportunity to develop their own proposals under the supervision of project leaders. The course is geared towards students interested in hands-on experience in making change happen under real conditions. The course is open-focus in the sense that every year different themes may be addressed (i.e. animal welfare, refugees, minorities etc.) Prerequisites: GE105, GE106, GE155, GE158 Credits 3

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