Master of Science in Sales Management (MSSM)

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Sales professionals involved in the domestic and international trade are required to combine different aspects of the market. Some of them are related to financial issues. It is of paramount importance to know the mechanism and risks associated with international markets. Any commercial activity requires a basic capacity of assessing the profitability and ability to appraise different exports / imports projects. Sales professionals should also fully understand the cost of funding for trading activity and assess the associated risks. Finally, they should be aware of the basic advanced financial instruments that facilitate their activities. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course aims at exploring alternative sales management strategies as well as sales processes and practices as part of a market-oriented strategic plan. More analytically, the course focuses on the effective and efficient line management of sales-reps, sales and forecasting techniques as preparation for effective selling practices, account and territory management, development of selling roles, sales -reps’ skills and competencies. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course provides students with the essential knowledge in competitively pursuing complex and key organizational accounts. The business to business (B2B) marketing and sales process is perhaps the greatest challenge for performing selling teams. The course also provides a trade marketing perspective since effective and creative interaction at the point of sale is of major significance for end-user attraction and retention. Students will also learn how to retain, add and grow valuable business, reflecting on a systematic, methodological and consistent business approach. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course induces students in cross cultural-management within a global, complex and demanding organizational environment. Students learn how to deal with culture, cultural values and cultural differences as major influences on ethics and ethical reasoning of sales. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course introduces students to marketing and sales operations in foreign markets, as well as to the cultural, political, and economic factors affecting the international marketer. The course focuses on marketing & sales planning and strategies in the international marketplace, and the impact that different cultures and environments have on business marketing and sales activities ending to the competitive position of a firm in the global economy. The course also discusses issues involved in creating, producing, pricing, and distributing products and services to an international consumer or an enterprise. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course provides a framework for analysing big data in all areas of business. It examines the role of statistics and forecasting in the business decision-making, planning process and sales. Topics include problem identification, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and report preparation. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course provides concepts, tools and a framework for analyzing a business strategy. In today’s changing world, business strategy has to be reconsidered, attaining unique internal capabilities and searching for sustainable competitive advantage in the global and local terrain. Issues of an international business strategy are considered in the course as well as internationalized material in cases and examples. In addition emerging issues of strategy are considered in relation to corporate responsibility and ethics. The whole course utilizes case studies and practical examples to illuminate issues. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course provides a holistic approach to end-to-end Supply Chain (SC) Management and focuses on both core SC principles, but also on key SC concepts to develop academic and hands-on knowledge. It also provides a full SC business understanding, but also emphasizes on cross-functional collaboration and integration between SC and the Commercial (Sales, Marketing) functions. It presents (via various means) the most important and challenging developments in SC systems and technology and connects Omni-Channel Customer Experience with SC Strategy. Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
The course is designed on a modular, seminar / workshop basis addressing a set of optimum sales managers’ competences. The course provides students with learning through multiple educational approaches incorporating in-class lectures, interactive workshops, role-playing, key sales managerial competences as provided by research findings. These key sales management set of competences include leadership, coaching and mentoring, communication and negotiation, work motivation, sales force recruitment, selection, training, development and evaluation (HRD approach). Prerequisites: None, Credits 3
In this course, students will gain essential knowledge and skills for effectively integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business areas such as B2B, B2C and sales practices. With a focus on pursuing complex and key organizational accounts, students will explore how AI technologies can revolutionize territory account planning, new business opportunity identification, and marketing and sales solution development. Additionally, the course provides insights into strategic management of the marketing and sales mix for key accounts in both domestic and international markets. Prerequisites: None Credits 3

Capstone Project (1 course, 3 credits – 6 ECTS)

MSSM students must develop a Capstone project toward the end of their studies. With the Capstone project, which can take the form of a Research or Consulting Project, students will demonstrate a command of the knowledge acquired in the MSSM program, the ability to conduct high-level analysis (with the application of simulation tools) of domestic and international sales management issues, and the capacity to make recommendations for the issues their investigation has revealed. The project also strengthens students’ competencies in critical analysis, and empirical investigation, as well as their skills in persuasion, argumentation and decision-making - all valuable for enhancing their professional careers. Prerequisites: Completion of all program requirements or permission by program director. To be taken in the last term of study. Credits 3

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