Master of Science in Informatics: Applications and Software Development

The Master of Science in Informatics strand in Applications and Software Development provides students advanced knowledge in software engineering, enterprise system applications, operating systems and advanced programming languages. The combination of industry-relevant coursework, exposure to new technologies, and opportunities for networking and original research will equip you to compete for leadership positions in the field.

Strengths of the MSI Strand in Applications and Software Development

The program in Applications and Software Development is revised each year in light of emerging technologies in regards to programming languages and techniques, and is supported by dedicated labs (e.g. Linux, IBM, Apple) to provide hands–on experience in programming. Program strengths include the following:

  • Hands–on software developing experience through participation in ongoing faculty-student research projects.
  • Internationally recognized visiting faculty and industry experts.
  • Wide selection of electives such as Informatics Hardware and Software, Decision Support Systems and Advanced Software Engineering.

Applications and Software Development Career Paths

The program is designed to support both traditional and emerging career opportunities. Graduates in this strand obtain competitive advantage in career paths related to application developing, managing the development of software systems, as well as design and requirements analysis of information systems. MSI students acquire this knowledge through the diverse core courses of the program, such as Informatics Strategy and Management and System Analysis and Design, in combination with a variety of elective courses.

Program Structure

You will need to complete a total of 4 core courses and 6 elective courses, plus a thesis project (36 credits in total) to earn a Master of Science in Informatics.

For the Applications and Software Development program, the elective courses can be chosen from the following group of courses:

  • IT 6266 Application Development Environments and Technology
  • IT 6272 Advanced Programming Languages
  • IT 6273 Advanced Software Engineering
  • IT 6270 Human-Computer Interaction
  • IT 6265 Enterprise Systems Applications
  • IT 6268 Information Technology Hardware and Software
  • IT 6271 Advanced Operating Systems
  • IT 6125 Decision Support Systems

What You’ll Learn

On completing the program you will have acquired essential skills, knowledge and values, including thorough knowledge of current and emerging concepts in Information Systems and cutting-edge technological skills that can be applied towards the design and development of advanced software systems and applications. In addition, you will acquire project management skills and teamwork abilities.

After completing the program, you will have created a basic portfolio comprising research papers and software applications that will enhance your position in the market as a software developer.

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