Structure of the MBA Rolling Cohort Program

The Rolling Cohort format is offered only at the University’s Nashua campus.

The MBA Rolling Cohort program is built on a consecutive series of seven-week residential required courses; electives taken as e-learning or classroom courses, and; a final Capstone Project.

Students take the required courses one at a time, but in an intensive fashion: the class meets 6 hours every week in evening. Upon completing one course, they continue with the next one in the series. In this way, students will take a total of three required courses during the 7-week term. In addition, during each term, students will take one elective course (e-learning or face-to-face).

The program can accommodate both resident students and working professionals and be completed in less than two years.

The Rolling Cohort

Students entering the program at the same time—the cohort—will take the same set of required courses in the same sequence. Most students will begin the program in September or February. However, students can join the program at the start of any of the seven-week courses. This is an advantage for students who may not want to wait for the beginning of the traditional term to start the program.

The Athens Study Trip

After completing at least half the program, students have the option to take part in a two-week intensive study trip to Athens, Greece, where they take courses and participate in the Hellenic American University Athens Business Summit, a meeting with faculty, students and managers of international and local firms. At the meeting, students also present the international project they have been working on and receive feedback on their work from a panel of experts from the corporation that sponsored the project in Athens, Greece. During their stay in Athens, students immerse themselves in the everyday life of the city and learn about its rich culture, and visit key historical sites.

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