ACES Overview

The Academic Center for the Enrichment of Students (ACES) supports University students in becoming successful learners and lifelong leaders.

ACES is centered around two initiatives that aim to help our students explore their full potential and become confident, engaged citizens in our community and at large.

  • Peer Tutors: Our Peer Tutors are tasked with conducting both individual and group tutoring sessions for all members of the student body. No matter what year of study or degree you are pursuing, there is an experienced and knowledgable Peer Tutor waiting to help. While they are all well-versed in specific fields, the Peer Tutors mainly specialize in the study skills, preparation tips, presentation techniques, and more.
  • Fellowships: The ACES team is experienced in the world of global fellowship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, and recent alumni from all degree areas. Whether a summer internship or post-graduate opportunity, our team helps students find the best options available and then guides them through the process - start to finish.

ACES also collaborates with other student services at the University, such as the Counseling Center, Writing Center, and Career Development Center to develop the study, academic, and organizational skills that will allow students to meet the demands of a higher education institution.

All sessions (Peer Tutor and Fellowships) are arranged by the ACES Coordinator and are offered virtually. Interested students are encouraged to email the Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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