Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a safe and respectful space where students and faculty can receive confidential and specialized psychological support regarding a wide range of issues. The Center aims to:

  • Support students who are facing personal or academic problems to successfully complete their studies
  • Help cultivate and refine academic and life skills necessary for personal and professional development
  • Provide insight into a student's own resources and empower self-care strategies
  • Help towards developing better employability skills and leading a fuller and richer student experience

Counseling Center Services

The Center's services are based upon a holistic health philosophy which addresses psychological difficulty through the right balance of mind, body and spirit, embracing the ancient Greek dictum "healthy mind in healthy body". The Center’s services have been designed in the context of the cross-cultural identity of the institution and the recognition that its students represent a variety of ethnic, religious, cultural and sexual identities. Some services can be offered online via Skype.

The Counseling Center’s services include:

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Individual Counselling
  • Psycho-educational group work
  • Advisory/referral work

Counseling: What to Expect

Psychological counseling is available for all students and staff. An individual may participate in psychological counseling to discuss emotional difficulties or personal concerns related directly to academic, family, health, sexual or other matters. Cognitive-behavioral strategies are used to help students achieve their goals and derive maximum benefit from the college experience. Common concerns which students bring to counseling include: relationship difficulties, anxiety, low self-confidence, academic problems, adjustment problems, homesickness, career goals, substance abuse, depression, and lack of assertiveness. The collaborative counseling process is used to clarify problems, establish realistic goals and develop active, short-term treatment solutions.

Wellness Newsletter

Here is the first issue of the Wellness Bulletin, a newsletter focusing on health and wellness awareness, published twice a year by the Psychology Department of the Hellenic American University. In this and future issues of the bulletin, you’ll find information, insights, and resources to enhance your understanding of the mind and human behavior as well as information on free upcoming events organized by the University Counseling Center.


All services are provided in a confidential and professional atmosphere. The Center will take every reasonable precaution to protect the privacy of clients. The identity of those using our services, along with the personally identifiable disclosures made in the course of the counseling relationship, will be regarded as confidential.

Information will not be shared with parties outside the Center without the expressed written consent of the client, except where law, regulations, or life-threatening situations require it. If you are referred to the Counseling Center by your mentor/professor, they will only receive confirmation that you have made contact with us; no further disclosures will be made regarding the issues that you will discuss with your counselor. Please feel free to discuss confidentiality issues with your counselor during your first session.

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