Academic Credits, Transcripts and Language Courses

Sacred Heart University students meet the Prime Minister of Greece

Sacred Heart University students meet the Prime Minister of Greece

Academic Credits

The basic unit of credit at Hellenic American University courses offered in Athens at Hellenic American College is the semester hour following the Carnegie Unit and Hour definition. In a typical 15-week semester, each credit awarded corresponds to one contact hour of classroom instruction per week, which is supplemented by a minimum of two hours of appropriate out-of-class activities of appropriate academic rigor. One ECTS corresponds to 1/2 Credit.

The University has a rigorous policy in regard to the allocation of credits to the different course units attended by our students abroad. The process for credit transfer is as follows: before the commencement of mobility, the Office for Academic Exchange Programs in cooperation with the corresponding program coordinator and instructors i) examines the intended learning outcomes of the course the student wishes to take as part of the student mobility, ii) compares these learning outcomes with the learning outcomes of the equivalent course of HAEC, iii) approves or not the credits transfer and notifies the student. 

Carroll University students on the island of Spetses      UNCC Theater Epidaurus


Study Abroad students and their institutions may be provided with transcripts containing a full, accurate and timely record of their achievements at the end of their period with Hellenic American College. In this transcript, all activities indicated in the learning agreement as counting towards the degree are presented, provided these have been satisfactorily completed by the mobile students. Transcripts are provided by the Registrar’s Office. For more information contact the Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

English- and Greek-language Training for Incoming Students

Hellenic American College provides language support for incoming students and staff through English- and Greek-language courses offered at all levels by the Hellenic American Union, a non-profit educational association with which HAEC cooperates in life-long learning programs. 

Foreign-language Training for Outgoing Students

Hellenic American College students who wish to prepare themselves for a study abroad program in a non-English-speaking country have several options. The College offers courses in several European foreign languages that are taught by College. In addition. Students departing for countries with less widely spoken languages are encouraged to complete courses in their host countries.

Image on the left: Carroll University students on the island of Spetses

Image on the right: Study-abroad students from the University of North Carolina Charlotte at Epidaurus

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