International Athens Studio: A Study-and-Travel Design Course for Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Students

Summer 2020

Image by Joshua Cobb-Diamond, former student in the International Design Studio

International Athens Studio offers students an opportunity to live in a history-laden yet vibrant contemporary European city, to design a project in it, and to visit sites of archaeological and architectural interest in the city and elsewhere in Greece.


Studio Brief and Project Requirements

 Itinerary Summer 2020

 Application Instructions and Fees

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An immersive outcome-based design studio that challenges preconceptions

The studio project is approached through an archaeology of the present or as a projection into a possible future based on traces discovered in the present. Students work in groups and are assigned an area or spatial transect to explore, map and present. They then write their own brief and design a fragment of the city based on it.

As they immerse themselves in the city, observing and recording traces of urban fabric, stories and topographies, they become aware of how people use and occupy public space and how many places coexist within one physical space. Through this, they construct a different perception of the city than the one they arrived with. At the same time, they are challenged to think in unfamiliar terms about the way they design. For more details consult the studio brief and project requirements.

Duration and college credits

The studio is open to students at the Bachelor and Master levels. Undergraduate students must have completed the second year of their studies. It is offered each year from the 2nd week of January to mid-February and from the end of June to the start of August, each time with a different theme. It can be taken for credit as a four-week elective course or a six-week semester studio. Credits are awarded by Hellenic American University.


You can apply online. Download the application instructions and program costs.


The program is offered in collaboration with and taught by Kalliope Kontozoglou, a Greek architect and educator. She is assisted by Daniela Simon, an Italian-Australian architect and educator.

Kalliope Kontozoglou studied at the University of Westminster under David Greene’s tutelage and under Dalibor Vesely’s at the Architectural Association, where she graduated with the Diploma Prize 1981. She collaborated with Tim Ronalds for six years, winning “The Sunday Times-RIBA Community Award 1988” for ‘The Jackson’s Lane Theater’. Upon her return to Athens, she set up her own practice, and in 2003 merged with A. & B. Stylianidis and K. Sionis, forming 3SK Architects. The same year, 3SK won the competition for transforming the FIX Brewery into the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Since 2010, she has operated as a freelance architect both in Greece as well as abroad. She has taught at the Architectural Association and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, lectured and been a visiting critic at several universities. She was a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Architecture for All between 2006-13 and Visiting Professor at the Hong Kong University in 2017. As Adjunct Professor of Architecture for the University of Western Australia, she organized and taught the Athens Studio from the mid ‘90s till 2018. She has been co-teaching the EU Program for the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of China, both in Venice and Athens, since 2016.

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Image: Image by Joshua Cobb-Diamond, former student in the International Design Studio


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