Overview of Study Abroad Programs

Overview of Study Abroad Programs

We offer several kinds of Study Abroad programs:

A Semester at Hellenic American University

Each year we welcome individual college/university students for a semester of study. Students are free to take any of the undergraduate General Education courses, and any core or elective degree course at their level of study provided they meet the course pre-requisites. Follow the link to find out our course offerings.

Summer at Hellenic American University

Every summer we welcome individual college/ university students to attend our four-week summer session. Students attend our experiential, traveling course "A Walk Across Greece" and two courses from our undergraduate General Education courses or any core or elective degree course. Our summer program is offered twice, in June and July. Follow the link to find out our course offerings and watch the video of our signature study abroad course "A Walk Across Greece."

Faculty-led Programs

In this flexibly structured program, students take courses at our Athens campus that are taught by faculty from their home universities. In addition, they may take one or more credit- or non-credit Hellenic American University courses or participate in site visits. The courses usually include the introduction to Greek history and culture, “Athens across the Ages” or one of the On-Site study-and-travel seminars. The dates of the Hellenic American University courses are set to accommodate the home university’s teaching schedule.

These programs are often held in intersessions, over Spring Break or in the summer, but some universities have designed semester-long programs with us.

Custom-Designed Faculty-Led Programs

We can design customized programs to meet specific learning outcomes, content requirements and curricular needs. We help faculty map courses between the two institutions to ensure a close fit with the learning outcomes of the group’s program. We can also schedule a special section of a Hellenic American University course that would otherwise not be offered during the students’ stay in Greece.

Summer Advanced Diploma in TESOL Program

We offer our Advanced Diploma in TESOL as an intensive two-month summer program in Athens. The program can be done regardless of major, since no previous knowledge of TESOL or linguistics is assumed. The program comprises five 3-credit courses, one of which is a supervised teaching practicum in a real classroom setting.

Travel Study Programs and Courses

In this program we explore ancient and modern Greek history and culture through Hellenic American University’s short-term travel study programs. These credit-bearing courses combine classroom instruction and expert-led on-site learning at some of the most fascinating cultural and archaeological sites in the country.

The courses are taught by Hellenic American University faculty and run for roughly 10 days, each offering 45 contact hours and 3 undergraduate credits. These programs are usually offered in summer, during spring break and in winter intersessions but most can be offered on demand any time during the year.

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