Advanced Diploma in TESOL

Students who complete the following four courses and pass the ETECT-LEVEL 5 (English Teaching Competency Test) are awarded the Advanced Diploma in TESOL – Level 5.

(4 Courses / 12 Credits)

Examines the structure of present-day English. Though the term "grammar" is commonly used to refer to the prescriptive language rules, in this class the term is used to refer to the linguistic knowledge that speakers of a language share. The primary goal of this course is to make explicit the conventions native speakers of English know implicitly. It is designed to provide coverage of the major constructions of the different dialects of the English language. The course is designed to give students the tools needed to understand and discuss modern English grammar.
Introduces students to the principles of communicative language teaching. The course includes the theoretical and practical applications of teaching the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking and also examines the teaching of grammar. Students investigate different approaches to classroom management and lesson planning, as well as developing an awareness of how to choose materials and techniques appropriately for different age groups.
Investigates the teaching of English in more advanced detail. The course examines special topics, such as materials evaluation and development, technology in education, dyslectic learners, phonetics and phonology, syllabus design, and error correction. In addition, testing and evaluation, drama in the classroom and the teaching of lexis, are explored.

Aims to help students put into practice the theoretical aspects of language teaching, which they have been exposed to in ENG 310 “Introduction to Methodology” and ENG311 “Advanced Methodology”. Students carry out guided classroom observation and analyze materials and techniques from these classroom situations. Students also prepare lesson plans and obtain detailed feedback on their real-life classroom teaching experience.

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