Certificate in Stress and Health Management

Certificate Stress

The Certificate in Stress and Health Management is addressed to a broad range of professionals, including individuals in health care, education, and human resources, as well as individuals interested in improving their communication skills at work and their well-being.

Benefits of the program

Participating in the program will help you optimize the ways in which you deal with stressful situations of everyday life and improve your work life, while offering opportunities for career development. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the causes of stress and receive training on how to successfully overcome the stressful situations you encounter as part of our work and personal life.

The program is offered online during evening hours.

Certificate courses

You will take four foundation courses to earn the certificate:

  1. Principle of Complexity, Homeostasis and Stress provides an overview of basic concepts of stress as a component of human survival and the stress-related reasons that threaten the internal equilibrium called homeostasis.
  2. Biology and Psycho-Neuroendocrinology of Stress examines basic concepts of stress biology and medicine, focusing on psycho-neuroendocrinology and the functions of the stress system.
  3. Health Promotion Principles and Practice familiarizes you with important concept of health promotion as a major strategy for health protection and empowerment
  4. The Role of Stress in Health and Disease explores the connections between frequent and intense exposure to stress and a range of health disorders in modern societies.


The faculty supporting these courses are an exceptional team of biomedical scientists and expert practitioners in nutrition, psychotherapy and management. They include: Professor George Chrousos, a world renowned research in the biology and medicine of stress, and his collaborators Drs. George Paltoglou, Charikleia Stefanaki, and Anna Papageorgiou, all experts in the area of stress and stress management. Rounding out the team are Drs. Effie Tsilibary, an expert in neuroscience, and Drs. Aristidis Charonis, in cell biology. 

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