Testing Research and Outreach

OLA research projects have focused on linking the ALCE™ to the C1 level and the BCCE™ to the B1 level.

Linking Studies

Selected Articles

Selected articles on the ALCE and BCCE examinations.

Downey, N. & Kollias, C. 2009. Standard Setting for Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Sections of the Advanced Level Certificate in English (ALCE™). Linking to the CEFR levels: Research perspectives, Figueras, N. & Noijons, J. (eds.). Cito, EALTA. Arnham. 125-131.

Downey, N. & Kollias, C. 2010. Mapping the Advanced Level Certificate in English (ALCE™) examination onto the CEFR. Aligning Tests with the CEFR, Reflections on using the Council of Europe’s draft Manual, Martyniuk, W. (ed). Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 119-129.

Council of Europe Research Project

The Hellenic American University was invited by the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe to participate in a study related to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment. The study, which began in March 2015, involves further development of the illustrative scales used to measure language proficiency in the area of mediation. The participants of the study are involved in a series of activities conducted in workshops at the University and surveys administered online.

Outreach Activities

As part of its mission of global education, OLA organizes workshops that offer teachers and educators an introduction to current testing theory and practice, which they can apply to their own classrooms.

Testing Workshops in New Hampshire

The first testing workshop in New Hampshire was offered in 2011. It was designed to provide US participants insight into current testing theory and in addition to standards applicable to testing in the U.S., give teachers and educators exposure to European language testing standards (The Council of Europe Common Framework of Reference). Armed with a broad-based background in language testing, seminar attendees were eligible to apply for employment as test raters and item writers with Hellenic American University.

The 4-day workshop took place at the campus of Hellenic American University, in Manchester, New Hampshire on January 14-15 and 28-29, 2011. It was organized in cooperation with the New Hampshire College & University Council, of which Hellenic American University is a member.

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